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About Helen

Helen leading a decluttering workshop

Helen Volk receiving the “Woman of Excellence” Award for Excellence in Business from the Women’s Business Council of the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce.


I help people de‑clutter to uncover and recreate their lives.

I’m a former pack rat who chose to simplify life and live clutter-free. My journey includes moving from a 10-room house to a 6-room condominium with no garage, attic, or basement, then to a large 3-room apartment with a den. I now live in a smaller 3-room apartment. My story of transition serves as inspiration to my students and clients.

It was from my personal experience of de-cluttering and downsizing my life that I started Beyond Clutter® in 1991. I know the difficulties of letting go, what keeps us stuck in clutter, and am able to help clients and students work through what keeps them stuck—especially the emotional attachment to things — because I have been there myself.

My length in the field of professional organizing gives me a width and breadth of experience many other professional organizers lack. In addition, as a retired attorney, who practiced law for 17 years before creating Beyond Clutter®, I’m able to work with clients through complex issues in a professional and confidential manner which allows them to successfully let go.

I have a degree in teaching, gave talks and was an Adjunct College Professor when I was practicing law. I’m comfortable being in front of audiences of all sizes. My talks and workshops motivate people to de-clutter, and give them practice tips on the process of de-cluttering. The joy I feel from living clutter-free comes through in the humor I use to help attendees let go.

My books are in workbook style which help people work through their issues as they proceed through the text. My books are filled with short bulleted paragraphs in outline form, and motivational quotes from others. Since I use my books in my workshops, attendees get a double dose of help.

Mahatma Gandhi said that the best benefit he received from “dispossession” was freedom. I know what he means and want others to know that freedom, too. I teach the joy of de-cluttered living.

Although as of 2017 I am no longer offering personal services, you can still benefit from my knowledge and experience through my ebooks and my printed book, De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life. Please go to the Books page for more information on owning your own copies.

Biographical Dessert!

Author Donna Smallin, in her book, 7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life, wrote: PROFILE OF SUCCESS: Helen Volk Former Occupation: Attorney Current Occupation: Founder and president of Beyond Clutter, professional organizer, speaker, writer. Helen Volk practiced law for 17 years. Now she helps people de-clutter and de-stress their lives. Helen, who used to be a pack rat herself, believes that you have to empty your life to fulfill it. That’s what she did. She downsized by giving away two thirds of her possessions and moving to a smaller house. “[I realized one day that] not one religious tradition teaches that the purpose of life is owning stuff. But they all stress simple living as a spiritual principle. It was a revelation that shook me to the core of my being,” says Helen. Once she committed to the idea of simplifying her life, the rest was easy. Now, through workshops, seminars and one-on-one sessions, Helen teaches others that they can enjoy fuller, more meaningful lives and feel richer than ever by having less. 7 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your Life, pg. 56 By Donna Smallin © 2000 used with permission