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How do you start the de-clutter process? Take these five steps, each as a separate complete project in itself. Don’t rush. You’ll toss some items, donate some items and/or move items to other planes in your house so your clothes closet has only the items of clothing you wear regularly. Play some upbeat peppy music!
1. Remove all non-clothing items. Over time we accumulate non-clothing items in our closet – skis, gifts we bought then forgot we had, golf clubs, cancelled checks or other papers we don’t know what to do with, etc. Toss them or put them where they belong.
2. Remove all outerwear items and accessories. Put them in your downstairs coat closet or, if no room, with #3.
3. Remove all off-season clothing and accessories. Designate a less-accessible space for them. They don’t belong in your closet until the appropriate season arrives.
4. Remove sentimental favorites – again, designate a less-accessible space for them. Don’t use your prime clothes closet to go down memory lane.
5. Remove any costume or theme outfits to store in a less -accessible space.
This is a great start in de-cluttering your clothes closet. You should have more space for the clothes you wear and space to organize them. Bravo!
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