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Here’s a quick way to put the clothes in your clothes closet in order.

1. Organize your clothing items into these four broad categories:

Top Half of the Body;

Bottom Half of the Body;

Whole Body; and

Special Occasion Items.

2. Have a lot of clothing? Organize items in each category by type:

Top Half of the Body – sweaters, sweatshirt, blazers, blouses, shirts

Bottom half of the body – slacks, jeans, shorts, skirts

Whole Body – Dresses, robes and suits

3. Have a lot of items in one or two types?

If top of the body, organize by sleeve length (long, elbow, short, sleeve-less).

If bottom of the body, organize by length (long, knee, short).

4. Need yet more organization because you have lots of items in one type?

Organize by color, light to dark.

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