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Media Resource

Helen Volk, B.S., J.D., Albany-based speaker, author and President of Beyond Clutter, is frequently contacted by print and broadcast media as a leading expert on how to de-clutter, downsize and simplify life.

Select National/Regional Print Media Include:

Bottom Line Personal
Chicago Sun
Denver Post
Entrepreneur Magazine
Indianapolis Star
New York Daily News
Tampa Tribune
Time Magazine
Union News (Springfield, MA)
Women’s World


American Entrepreneurship Radio
Books Uncovered Radio
Inside Books,
Secure Retirement Radio

During her 25 years in business, Helen has appeared on all local/regional television stations and in all local/regional print media, as well as on most radio stations. She’s been interviewed by ratio stations across the country. She has also appeared as a regular guest on local/regional radio and television programs. Helen was a regular weekend guest on Time Warner’s Capital News 9 (Do a Search for Helen Volk and all her segments will appear by date.); and regular guest on News/Talk Radio 810 WGY Morning Show with Producer Don Weeks, and WNYT Channel 13 noon news program when Benita Zahn was host.

“Thanks… and I just wanted to let you know: after every segment you do with us, Don says, ‘She’s the best!’ – which is what I’ve known for quite a while! ”
– Wendy Glasser
Producer, Don Weeks and the WGY Morning News Show

News/Talk Radio 810 WGY, A Clear Channel Station
Dubbed “the De-Clutter Queen” by a well-known media personality, Helen specializes in de-cluttering and downsizing topics, especially how to let go of possessions. She also addresses organizing topics, such as organizing workspace; creating practical filing systems for work or home; organizing wardrobes and organizing successful garage sales.

Perpetual Motion: Coping with family life can take organization. Perched at a counter, workbook in hand, observing the domestic diorama, is Helen Volk. . . Volk zones in on what makes it work and what keeps their stress at a manageable level . . .”they’ve worked out a lot of the points I stress with my clients,” says Volk, who talks in bullets when she goes into organizing advice mode.
The Times Union, Albany, NY 2002
First in a series of eight articles on how families manage stress

No clutter, no stress, no problem! Helen Volk thinks that change is possible for anyone who makes the commitment. Volk is a living example of turning one’s life around.
The Tampa Tribune, 2001
Tampa, FL

Author of the workbook, Organize and De-Stress the Christmas Season, Volk says the key is to plan and organize. “If you know what your priorities are and you get those scheduled first and finished first, what’s left over that you don’t get done doesn’t really matter. . . . If someone invites you into stress, you don’t have to go. You have the right to say no to stress.”
The Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 2000
Bluefield, WV

Clutter buster. The last thing Helen Volk does is lecture people on their less than admirable habits. But you can be sure that Volk, a professional organizer, will calmly and firmly lead you down the path towards a clutter-free life, if you’re ready to begin the journey. Her business is getting people to organize themselves by reducing their possessions to the things that really count. Volk can begin with something as simple as helping a client organize a filing system or the top of a desk. But this is not just a clutter cop. Her concepts of organization and living simply encompass every facet of life.
Record, Troy, NY 1994

A former packrat who has lived clutter-free for 20 years, Helen is called upon to discuss the long-term maintenance of clutter-free living and the spirituality of letting go and living a more simple life. She also addresses specific topics relating to her Books and Articles.

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