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Helen Volk

Helen Volk


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De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life

(Stress Management through Clutter Control)

De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life is an integrated life/work philosophy that enables people to reclaim their lives by breaking free of what clutters them. The most common response to De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life is: “I can’t wait to go home and throw things out!” In her talks, Helen Volk

  • incorporates wisdom of the masters (Gandhi, Bombeck, Rogers)
  • uses humor (that’s Will Rogers, not Roy Rogers, tee hee)
  • cites examples drawn from her personal experience and years of helping others
  • kindles the smouldering embers of the desire to let go
  • provides fear-stopping motivation
  • offers insightful tips and tested techniques

Short Description for Program Coordinators:

Clutter causes stress, daily frustration, time wasted looking for things, embarrassment, job inefficiency and sadly, much more. It’s a stressor we can control. This informative, yet entertaining talk unmasks the thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in clutter, and motivates you to use the tips and tested techniques provided to de-clutter your life – once and for all!

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Selected Speaking Appearances

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  • International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICFA), Orlando, FL
  • National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference, Santa Clara, CA
  • Society of State Filers, 10th and 11th Annual Conferences, Cincinnati, OH & Phoenix, AZ


  • General Electric (GE) Power Systems Women’s Network
  • HealthCare Business Association Annual Conference
  • National Association of Insurance Women, International, Region I Conference
  • National Association of Professional Organizers, Northeast US Regional Conference
  • New York State Association of Fire Chiefs Annual Meeting
  • New York State Association of School Nurses Annual Meeting
  • Westchester Association of Women Business Owners
  • Women’s Bar Assocation of the State of New York Annual Meeting


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De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life

After attending Helen’s De-clutter, De-Stress Your Life talk, I was so inspired and could not wait to get home and begin the process. After 20+ years in my home and having the “… I may need that someday!!!” mentality (as well as being somewhat of a packrat), almost every room had its share of clutter, which in turn brought much stress into my life. My journey will take some time, however thanks to Helen, I’m able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a great seminar – full of great ideas, tips and suggestions. Bridgette M. Waterford, NY

I took the most from Helen’s humor, comraderie and the workbook, breaking this huge overwhelming task down. Great motivation and inspiration to go home and really tackle the clutter. I look forward to more workshops. Darcy D., Menands, NY

The motivation! The instructors sense of humor and knowledge were the best part about the program. Susan C., Clifton Park, NY

This was an informative, enjoyable, practical and necessary (unfortunately) course! Helen is an excellent presenter. Her ability to help us laugh lightens the stress and overwhelming feelings of clutter. Amy T., Albany, NY

I enjoyed your workshop at Saratoga this weekend so much! I went right home and started with the medicine cabinet. I am so inspired by you. We wanted a bigger house for so long. But why? We have three bedrooms and one child. We are staying put. Thanks so much! April S., East Greenbush, NY

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated and benefited from your help. I value the guidance and support, along with your expertise and recommendations. I am more at ease with letting go of the ‘stuff’ that no longer serves my highest and best interest. I am “dusting off and polishing” old dreams along with the furniture. I am becoming more selective about what I choose to take on and embrace. This really is a spiritual process, at least if you are open to receive the maximum benefits of de-cluttering… Debra B., Rensselaer, NY


The Spirituality of Living Beyond Clutter

A weekend, residential program that explores living a de-cluttered life based on spiritual principles. Using individual exercises, small and large group discussions, and lecture, participants explore their spirituality to enable them to let go of the thoughts and feelings that keep them stuck in clutter. They leave with a plan to de-clutter their lives, and with the inspiration to implement it.



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Spiritual Workshops

I appreciated that Helen drew out from participants what concerns and goals we had. Helping us make concrete plans and network is very helpful. I also appreciated her modeling of boundaries and holding us accountable, and time-management. The fact that she actively participated in worship was a plus.

Helen truly is gifted in what she does. It was a blessing to be here.

Helen challenged us, encouraged us, supported us and she was easy to listen to.

Light bulbs went off for me all weekend.

Helen’s workshop opened my eyes to how I need to look at my material possessions and what my priorities in life are and how I am giving those the time they deserve. Michele, Gainesville, FL

I’ve taken many workshops, here and elsewhere, and I think this was the most valuable one I’ve ever taken.